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Jerking off in public toilet

This guy is really horny. He showed us, somewhere in the toilet his amazing soft cock. His cock head was completely wet.  I wanna lick that. He started jerking off, we can se how...

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Naked soccer man

Naked soccer man in gym. Great athletic body and amazing bouncing and hanging cock and balls. I like his pubes and abs.  

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Man naked at home

Man naked at home. dancing and singing hot naked amateur hairy man. Very funny gay video. Man has a small hairy uncut dick, and he is very hairy amateur guy. Impromptu Nude Performance by...

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Dick as a gift

Beautiful uncut soft dick as a gift. Unwrap ribbon and suck this amazing soft cock. Make it hard.  

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Naked gay on piano

Name: Thadeus Duval (naked gay on piano) Height: 5’10” Weight: 154 Dick Size: 6 inches Astrological Sign: Aquarius Sexual Orientation: Gay/Bisexual Racial Background: Black Nigga Motto: “I Love Everybody” Shouts out to Kri Kri...

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Hot hairy guy

Hot hairy guy stroking in the car. Very quick short film about nudity and male eroticism  

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Francois Sagat naked

Francois Sagat naked in front of the pool. Changing his hot underwear. You can see his hot smooth ass and his soft and hard dick.  

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Naked man relaxing

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Rogan Richards

“Having worked extensively as a model for several years – this was the first shoot I did as Rogan Richards. In other words the first shoot where I got my cock out.” – Rogan...